Gregory Sean Bailey Hyde, Esq.

Greg Hyde is the founding attorney at The Law Office of Gregory S. Hyde located in New York City. As a solo practitioner with a varied client base, Mr. Hyde has found himself taking on a wide range of legal matters since opening his firm in 2014. 

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The son of Belizean immigrants, Mr. Hyde has always shown a commitment to both the public interest and under-served populations. He has dedicated much of his time to handling pro bono cases, and received an award for distinguished pro bono service at the 2015 Pro Bono Awards ceremony hosted by the New York State Bar Association. Mr. Hyde earned his J.D. in 2010 from the University at Buffalo Law School and his B.A., in Political Science in 2007 from Nazareth College of Rochester.

I am the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be
— Bret Hart

In addition to his law practice, Greg Hyde is a former United States House of Representatives Page, appointed by Hon. Charles B. Rangel in 2001; has worked on the production of several television shows and short films, including the award-winning short film Moving On; and is currently a co-host of the award-winning Cheap Heat podcast, a weekly professional wrestling podcast brought to you by ESPN